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Your art works are beautiful.
Distribute them.

Gain entry into new print-on-demand marketplaces via PODlify's partnership.

Automate uploads to established marketplaces: Redbubble, TeePublic, Society6, Spring, Spreadshirt, Cafepress, and Etsy via Printify.

We support legitimate artists. Counterfeit and low-quality designs will be removed.

Distribute to more places

By uploading through PODlify, your designs can reach a network of new print-on-demand marketplaces.

We work tirelessly to secure exclusive partnership with upcoming platforms, bringing you more sales channels.

Our first partner Pixeluma has just launched, with more to follow soon.

Join a group of upcoming marketplaces through PODlify

Automate uploads to established marketplaces

Want to automate uploads to the likes of Redbubble, TeePublic, Society6, Spring, Spreadshirt, and Cafepress?

We've got that covered too.

PODlify's cloud uploader offers you unmatched convenience.

Earn more income by distributing your designs to more marketplaces

Copy your Redbubble store to other platforms

Stuck on Redbubble unable to move your designs to other platforms?

You're leaving money on the table!

PODlify is the only solution in existence that can bulk copy your Redbubble portfolio to other marketplaces.

Clone Redbubble store and portfolio to other print-on-demand platforms and marketplaces

A central place for your profile

Bring all your marketplace stores, designs, and social links in one place.

Conveniently share one link with your followers so they can see all your designs and buy from their preferred store.

Add backlinks from social media to your PODlify profile. Build online authority and get your SEO boosted.

Turn your PODlify Shop page into a central bio to boost your online authority and sales

It's a hobby, not a full-time job

Nobody has the time to deal with a million configuration fields.

Luckily PODlify keeps settings to a minimum.

Running your POD business will feel more like a fun hobby than a full-time job.

Running a print-on-demand business should feel fun

A winning deal

PODlify plans are the cheapest in the market.

For a tool that runs entirely in the cloud and gives you back so much time, PODlify is an absolute steal!

See pricing for more information.

PODlify is the most economical print-on-demand distribution and automation tool

New marketplaces

How it works

PODlify signs up exclusive marketplace partners


Your designs get distributed based on niche matching


Partners and PODlify track your sales and commission


Once your commission has reached $20, PODlify will send you funds

Enjoy unparalled distribution
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Established marketplaces

How it works

Connect your 3rd party POD stores to PODlify


PODlify verifies your connections in the background


Import designs into PODlify in bulk, or one-by-one


Choose which designs to publish to which stores

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"Using the power of automation is extremely important if you want to be successful in the world of print-on-demand.

One thing that stands out to me about PODlify is how easy it is to use.

With a competitor's product, I had to spend hours troubleshooting failing uploads. With PODlify, I had no such issues."

Photographer, POD artist

"Your services are stellar.

I am lucky to have found your services which save me a ton of time.

I am sure to introduce to anyone that I come across in the future.

Keep up the good work!"

Wall art designer
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PODlify is the cheapest print-on-demand automation solution

Save time and money with PODlify, the most competitively priced distribution tooling available

PODlify's cloud-based solution provides unmatched convience
100% cloud-based

No need to babysit uploads from your laptop. Turn it off. Take a nap. PODlify uploads from the cloud.

PODlify strives to provide you the simplest and most intuitive solution

We keep POD simple for you. PODlify is easy to use. Give it a whirl, you'll get it instantly.

Gain early access to partner marketplaces that are only available to PODlify. First come, first served.
First mover advantage

Gain early access to exclusive partner markets from Q3 2023. First come, first served.