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Who is PODlify for?

Whether you’re a beginner or a master at creating passive income from print-on-demand, PODlify helps you achieve more with less.

More marketplaces. Less effort. Sustainable passive income.


Increase your footprint

  • Publish to existing marketplaces
  • Gain access to new, upcoming marketplaces
  • Create additional revenue streams sustainably


Your central design hub

  • Import from Redbubble or Dropbox
  • Auto-populate tags for your designs
  • Birds-eye view of where and how your designs are published across POD marketplaces


Creative and market insights

  • Keyword research helps with strategic tagging of designs
  • Understand your content's SEO
  • Dive deep into where opportunities lie

Get started in 30 seconds

We've made it our mission to simplify the world of print-on-demand for you, so you can get back to being creative.


1. Create an account

Sign up with your email or Google account

2. Import your Portfolio

Bring your design portfolio into PODlify. Do it easily by importing from your Dropbox, or from your Redbubble account.

Or you can upload a few (or a lot!) directly from your computer to try it out.


3. Connect Stores

Connect your print-on-demand stores. Once your stores are verified by PODlify, you can automate the boring task of uploading designs to them.

4. Publish

All you need to do is simply choose which established marketplaces you want to push* designs to.
*Daily upload limits apply.

With new marketplaces it's even easier. You don't need to do anything. PODlify's niche matching will push suitable designs to the right marketplace partners.


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