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How to get going and upload automatically to Redbubble, Teepublic and other POD stores

Adopting a new platform can feel overwhelming at times (especially when existing platforms seem to change how they do things on such a regular basis). A major goal of PODlify is to reduce the often overwhelming nature of operating across POD platforms, so we thought it would be good to lay out the basics for people on how and where to get started.

How do I create an account?

This is the easiest step in the process as all you need to do is slick the SIGN UP button and pick your preferred account method from there (I personally find it easiest to sign up with my Google account for things where possible). PODlify doesn’t need that much info from you to get started either so it’s a nice, quick process.

Sign Up

How do I link my existing Print On Demand stores to my PODlify account?

Another speedy step in the process here, just click the STORES section on the menu on the left side of your screen, then the NEW STORE button up the top of the page and you’ll just need to add in the details of the store you want to add. After 1 - 12 hours the store will be verified and linked to your PODlify account. When adding a store you will need to check if the POD site in question uses your email address or username when logging in (this needs to be correct for successful verification).

Before doing any of the above you do need to make sure that your different POD site accounts are 100% set up and ready to be used (there’s generally a degree of payment configuration/confirmation that needs to be completed on POD sites, and this sometimes isn’t totally clear). Eg. Society6 requires you to verify your account by making a payment of $1.

link existing POD stores

How do I import my artwork?

There are a few options here. If you have an existing Redbubble account and link it to your PODlify then you can actually import your entire portfolio across! Not only is this a super fast way to populate your PODlify shop but it also has the benefit of also importing all your design titles and unique tags! Also, any privately listed works will remain private when imported as well. To do this go to the Stores section and select Import Portfolio underneath Redbubble.

Import portfolio

Alternatively, you can go to the Design Portfolio tab on the menu. From there you can upload all of your art into a Dropbox folder that you can link to PODlify, or you can upload designs individually.

alternative import

How do I upload my art to my linked POD sites?

If you’re wanting to upload your art to Redbubble and Teepublic then you can do it all in one hit. Just go to the Store tab and under those particular shop listings you’ll see the EXPORT PORTFOLIO option. Click this and it will start the process of uploading your entire PODlify Design Portfolio into these shops. As someone who has hundreds of existing designs this option saves me an incredible amount of time!

export portfolio

For uploading to Society6, Threadless and Teespring you can publish designs individually via the Design Portfolio page (you can also upload individual designs to Redbubble and Teepublic from this page as well). When processing individual uploads you can choose to override existing background colours used on the original POD listing.

export design

So there we have the basics on getting started on PODlify. If you have any questions you can reach out to the team at [email protected]. Next time we’ll look into the marketing and promotion side of things!



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