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Redbubble Upload Automation

Redbubble is the largest of Print on Demand marketplaces and a great channel to create passive income from your digital designs. Their uploader, while being the best amongst all marketplaces, can quickly become cumbersome when you are uploading multiple designs to setup your shop or creating a diverse portfolio in keeping with current trends.

On an average it takes about 10-30 minutes for each design to be manually uploaded and configured on various products. This is where PODlify helps you claim back your precious time by automating the uploads, so you can get back to creating more designs while the robots deal with uploading and configuring your designs. It’s very easy. Really, we mean it.

Follow our 3 step process to upload a design to Redbubble in 1 minute.

  1. Upload your design to PODlify or import it from Dropbox
  2. Connect your Redbubble store to PODlify using simple instructions and wait for it to be verified
  3. From the Design Portfolio page, choose your design and click the publish icon. A dialog will pop up, where you can choose a specific background color for the design. In the same dialog, choose your Redbubble store from the dropdown list of your verified stores.

Redbubble automation with PODlify

Redbubble automation with PODlify That’s it! Really that is how simple it is. Once you’ve given the instructions to publish, PODlify’s robots, who live happily in the cloud, will pick up the task and upload it to your Redbubble store. When they are done, you will get a success email with a link to your design published on Redbubble.

You don’t have to install any software on your laptop or desktop. You can give the publish instructions, flip that screen down like a royalty and go about your day like you want to. Magically things will just happen in the background.

For creators who want a high degree of control of design placement, we recommend using upload templates, which allow you to specify an existing design on Redbubble and PODlify robots will use that to copy the upload instructions. This is best if you have multiple designs with the same dimensions and you want a similar outcome with every design.

If you want more tips on how to make more money on Redbubble, head over to this blog post.

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