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Spreadshirt Upload Automation

Spreadshirt is popular with users because of their awesome products and an overall excellent experience.

On the artist side, their uploader is modern and lean. But, it doesn’t matter how modern and lean it is, it gets painful if you have to use it for hundreds of designs.

We all know that time is precious and that we shouldn’t waste it on menial tasks. You should use a cloud-based uploader like PODlify. (Need convincing? Please read this Redbubble automation blog post.)

Spreadshirt.com vs Spreadshirt.co.uk

Spreadshirt.com and Spreadshirt.co.uk are separate sites. Your account on one does not work on the other.

If you’ve created an account on a North American (NA) Spreadshirt site (for example, US), you want to connect PODlify to Spreadshirt.com.

Conversely, if your account was created on a European (EU) site (for example, DE or FR or UK), you want to connect to Spreadshirt.co.uk.

If you want both, you need to create an account for both sites separately.

Setup steps

Here’s 3 easy steps to set up Spreadshirt automation on PODlify:

  1. Upload your design to PODlify
  2. Connect your Spreadshirt store to PODlify. You’ll find the instructions on PODlify’s dashboard. Wait for your Spreadshirt store to be connected.
  3. From the “Design Portfolio” page, choose a design and click “publish”. Then, specify a background color for the design, and choose your Spreadshirt store from the list of verified stores. publish icon in design portfolio Spreadshirt upload automation dialog

Spreadshirt is very conservative with daily uploads. This information is not made public, but by our estimate the limit is about 10-15 per day.

But you don’t need to worry about it. PODlify robots keep track of daily limits. They pause uploads and resume when the daily limit is replenished.

You can queue your designs whenever you have time, PODlify’s Spreadshirt automation bot will handle it for you.

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