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TeePublic Upload Automation

TeePublic is a thriving print-on-demand marketplace and possibly second only to its parent Redbubble. Selling designs on TeePublic is a great way to create passive income from your design skills.

It doesn’t matter how amazing TeePublic’s uploader is, having to use it manually for hundreds or thousands of designs gets old real quick, seeing that it can take up to half an hour to manually upload a design and configure the plethora of physical products.

Time is literally your most valuable resource, so you’ve got to protect it at all cost. PODlify helps you get back your time by automating low-level tasks that computers should do for you, namely uploading and configuring designs.

I’ll show you how to set up TeePublic upload automation in a mere minute. Here we go:

  1. Upload your design to PODlify. Or you can import your entire Redbubble store to PODlify. You can also import a folder full of designs from Dropbox.
  2. Connect your TeePublic store to PODlify. You’ll see simple instructions for how to do this on your PODlify dashboard. Wait for the PODlify bot to verify your TeePublic store.
  3. Once your TeePublic store is verified, go to the “Design Portfolio” page. Find a design you wish to upload and click the “publish” icon. From the resulting dialog box, give your design a background color. Finally, tell PODlify to publish to your TeePublic store by selecting it from the store selection dropdown. publish icon in design portfolio Teepublic upload automation dialog

The great thing about PODlify is that you don’t have to install any software on your computer. With how easy and convenient everything is, you have no reason not to set up your TeePublic store.

All the best with your passive income pursuit!

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