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Teespring Templates for quick and perfect automated uploading

Teespring Templates for Perfect Campaigns

Not many people are aware of this hidden duplicate feature that Teespring gives creators. It’s great for uploading designs that are part of a campaign or collection. Using this duplicate listing feature, creators can use an existing listing which has been manually calibrated to perfection and then boom… copy pasta, baby! We present to you: Teespring upload templates.

A common issue with automated uploads is design placement and color configuration. Most of the time, you can achieve good results with sensible defaults for sizing, transparency, and central placement. In our observation, this works for most designers, but for seasoned folks or those seeking perfection, the result may leave something to be desired. To these perfectionists, we say, stress no more! PODlify Store templates are here.

Getting the perfect design placement and product configuration is time consuming and laborious, which is the exact reason why marketplaces like Teespring provide a feature to duplicate settings from an existing listing, as a template for other designs. You can use such a feature to specify the same design placement, colors, and product selection for future listings with no extra work.

With the latest feature drop, PODlify Pro and Premium members can now automate this templated flow. I’ll walk you through the steps for your Teespring store below.

Teespring Templates

  1. Go to your Teespring listings page.
  2. Pick a design row, which contains the ideal configuration that you wish to copy to future designs.
  3. Hover your mouse over the “Duplicate Settings” link for the design, and copy the link. Teespring duplicate settings option

  4. On your PODlify dashboard, navigate to the “Stores” tab and you’ll notice a “Template” option on your verified Teespring store. Teespring Store Template

  5. Click on the “Template” link to get a dialog box, where you…
  6. …give your template a friendly name to remember
  7. Paste the Teespring duplicate settings link you copied in step (3)
  8. Save your template.

Template Configuration

That’s it! You have now configured a template for all your future automated design uploads to your Teespring store. Please make sure that the design files have same aspect ratio and image size for correct results.

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