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Using templates to achieve flawless results with Redbubble automated uploading

Templates for the win!

PODlify’s automated upload feature has been a godsend for artists who seek to generate passive income sustainably. Overall this process has worked remarkably well for many designs across many physical products. (You can stand to make decent money from Redbubble, if you know how to pick the right niche market, as explained in this blog post about Redbubble monetization.)

However, for designs that require very specific configuration, some artists may want to have finer control over things like color configuration, product selection, and placement.

If you’ve found yourself wanting something like this, you’re in luck. We have just released the store template feature for Redbubble.

If you have a lot of almost identical designs, configuring them over and over again can get very tedious. It’s mind numbing and time consuming. Redbubble knows this, so it gives artists a workaround in the form of the “design template feature”, which automatically copies an existing art work’s configuration into new uploads. Essentially you get to pick an existing art work to be the designated template, whose product selection, colors, and design placement will then be copied into new designs that are uploaded to Redbubble.

We’re glad to announce that PODlify Pro and Premium members can now automate Redbubble’s templated workflow. These are the steps to set it up:

Redbubble Templates

  1. Go to your Redbubble store and head over to the “Manage Portfolio” section.
  2. Pick a design which you will designate as a template. This is your well-configured design from which future designs will have their configuration copied.
  3. Click the “Cog” icon to access the design’s options and click “Copy Settings”. Redbubble copy option
  4. This will take you to a page with a URL like such: “https://www.redbubble.com/portfolio/images/3543509-design-id/duplicate”. Copy the URL from your browser.
  5. On your PODlify dashboard, navigate to the “Stores” tab. See the “Template” option on your verified Redbubble store? Redbubble Store Template
  6. Click that “Template” link on your Redbubble store. You’ll see a pop up dialog box.
  7. Name your template.
  8. Paste the Redbubble “Copy settings” URL you copied in step (4) above.
  9. Click “Save”.

Template Configuration

Aaaand you’re done! Simple, right?

These easy steps ensure that subsequent Redbubble uploads will adhere to the configs belonging to the design you’ve nominated as a template. Of course, the new designs need to have the same dimension and aspect ratio as the template, in order for them to show up correctly on Redbubble.

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