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What is PODlify?

First things first, let’s get the introductions out of the way shall we.

Hi, my name’s Matthew Dunn aka matthewdunnart. I’m an artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years I’ve worked in publishing, music, comics, and more. Throughout that time I’ve been an active artist on many different Print On Demand (POD) websites.

And that’s what’s led me here to PODlify.

One of the biggest problems a lot of us artists face is finding enough time in the day to stay on top of the admin side of our jobs while still having the time to create new art. This isn’t helped by the numerous POD sites having such different uploading platforms that can make the process of uploading to multiple platforms a real grind. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about PODlify as it presents a solution to this very problem. A single platform that can upload 1 design across all my POD sites in one hit!

I’ve been talking with a lot of artists I know about this new site and contained within all the enthusiasm were a few concerns, ones that I also shared, so I went straight to the source and got some answers from the PODlify team themselves.

Providing so much information to a new platform can feel a bit troublesome, but I’ve been assured that PODlify operates under strict protocols that ensure all data is kept safe and artwork is only accessed when the artist initiates a publication request. As it was explained to me, all login info is stored and encrypted in a way that would take 20 lifetimes to crack, which sounds very secure to me.

One thing I’ve had to deal with a lot over the years is having my art stolen from POD sites and uploaded elsewhere. Trying to keep your art safe from theft can be a stressful and uphill battle. On PODlify the only publicly visible copy of our artwork is a small 400 x 400 preview which renders it useless for ripping. So that will thankfully keep the thieves and scoundrels away.

And if at any time you choose to delete your PODlify account then all your data and information is completely deleted from the platform. However, you do have the option of downloading your files before shutting things down. As someone who has lost designs in the past after a hard drive crash it’s very reassuring to know that my files can be rescued in this way if need be.

So there are a few answers to some of the commonly raised questions I’ve had, and heard, so far. Hopefully that will help people to feel more confident about accessing a platform that I believe can provide a valuable service to the art community.

The team behind PODlify have all worked within the POD industry and are building this platform around the mission to serve creators and make our lives easier one upload at a time.

And if that means more time at the drawing table and less time staring at uploading screens then you can count me in!

All the best


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